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A new way to express yourself

Learning in not just about books. Learn about Soft Skills, Leadership Skills, Self-Development, Career Development, Music, Cooking, Painting, and much more through eLearnflix and find new ways to express yourself.

Learning that adapts to your goals and interests

Our AI-based profiling system ensures that you get courses that match your goals and interests.
Learning that comes to you

Our advanced AI-based profiling system ensures that you have easy access to all the relevant content that you’re looking for.

Set up your profile once, leave the rest to us

Complete your profile information, and let us find the courses that match your goals, interests, and work experience.

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Knowledge Checks and Gamified Assessments

Our courses give you relevant knowledge checks and gamified assessments to keep track of your progress. Each course is equipped with pre-enforced assessments for your continued learning.

Propel Yourself to New Heights

Our courses and pre-defined learning paths help you drive your career and take it to a whole other level.

Meet our Industry Gurus

Our trainers, mentors, and gurus are here to give you the guidance you need.

Navigate Your Career Through Pre-Defined Learning Paths

eLearnlfix allows you to accelerate your career progression and prepare you for the high-paced competitive environment. We aim to foster and develop the necessary ingredients for our Learners' success.

eLearnflix is a Learning Economy for Academics, Professionals, Business Owners, and every learner. Join us, and together we will reimagine learning!

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Our Courses

How eLearnflix Works

eLearnflix is a Learning Economy that focuses on enriching your learning experience. Our Library has a wide array of courses to fulfil your learning appetite. You can take courses across a wide range of categories, some of which include business & entrepreneurship, programming, academics, the arts, health & fitness, language, music and much more!

What do eLearnflix courses include?

eLearnflix has hundreds of courses and training programs in various domains. These courses are developed and reviewed by instructors and experts and can include lectures, slides, videos, text, or a combination to ensure an enhanced learning experience.

Is eLearnflix relevant for me?

eLearnflix is a community for all academics, professionals, business runners and even people who want to socialize virtually. We promote a diverse and inclusive culture for everyone.

How can I connect with Gurus on eLearnflix?

We will schedule timeslots that can be occupied on a first-come-first-serve basis. Our gurus will interact with the users on the given timeslots.

Do I have to start my eLearnflix course at a particular time?

With eLearnflix, there are no time barriers. We want you to learn at your own pace and time. You can start your course whenever you like.

How do I take a course on eLearnflix?

You can enroll in any course you like with a single click of a button. There are no hidden conditions or any pre-requisites. Look for the course you desire, read the description, enroll, and learn.

Do the game-based assessments produce authentic reports?

Our software for game-based assessments analyzes your performance against pre-defined metrics to produce an unbiased and authentic evaluation.

How can I find relevant courses for me on eLearnflix?

At eLearnflix, or AI-based profiling ensures that you can quickly view courses and content that aligns with your goals and interests. We don’t want you to learn; instead, we want you to nurture your expertise and gain a competitive edge.

Who can view my course scores?

It entirely depends on with whom you want to share it. You can keep it completely confidential, or you can share it with fellow members and on other social media platforms.

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